Deaths Spark Recall of Cyborg Parts

Burroughs, Barsoom, Mars -- 2 Mar. 2057:  A complete recall has been issued on all augmentation modules containing the Sirix 1011 Neuromuscular Actuator after an investigation attributed 17 deaths and over 1200 near-fatalities to faulty brain-machine connections.  Among those are 3 recent incidents in Burroughs alone, involving a synthetic heart which stopped beating, a seizure caused by a malfunctioning hypercortex regulator, and an incident in which an individual lost control of their cyber-arm and 7 people including the individual in question were hospitalized.

Ashbee McQurken, a spokesperson for the Burroughs Coroner's Office, said that observers were slow to pick up on the problem because of the wide variety of implants affected.  The Sirix 1011 is one of the most widely-used models in the industry and is present in over 35% of cyber-augments of all different types.  A full list of affected products has been appended to the hyperlayer, and is also being widely publicized in other major journals, blogs, aggregators and curated linklists; officials are urging anyone who has installed one of the listed modules to seek technomedical attention immediately.

Tarlog Nebulon, the Symposiarch of Barsoom, has called for a full investigation into the manufacturing processes of Sirix LLC., the manufacturer of the actuator.  The company has released a statement indicating that it will comply fully with any and all safety investigations and provide full compensation for any individual who is injured or forced to purchase replacement modifications due to the problem.  A class action lawsuit has already been filed in the State Civil Court by the legal firm of Blarntzen Stacklove & Root Pi.  Sirix stock has taken a severe hit, losing 123 millicredits today in trading on the InterPlan Index.

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