Amazonia Wins Terran Century Championship

Sao Paulo, Amazonia, Earth -- 28 Mar. 2057:  After a gruelling 3-day battle, The Sao Paulo Caimans have defeated the Krasnoyarsk Tigers and taken the Golden Helm in the championship game of the Terran World Century League.  The victorious Caimans will now go on to represent Earth in the Interplanetary Century League, to be held in Valles Marineris later this year.  The victory came as a surprise to many, as the disciplined and ruthless army from Trans-Arctica were the favourites to win this year.

"The Caimans put in a really stellar performance under Legate Marcao Barros," said sports commentator Glaga Blagenflan after the match.  "Their formation discipline was tight, the communication was quick and efficient, and they just reacted faster to the situation on the ground.  Their Legionaries clearly went into this with high morale and the will to win.  In my opinion, Krasnoyarsk got too confident.  They seemed to think that their unbroken winning streak made them unstoppable; that because of their troubles early on and throughout the tournament, Sao Paulo wasn't really a serious opponent.  They learned better on the field today."

The end came quickly after a masterful flanking maneuver by Centurion Jesus Goncalves overwhelmed the Krasnoyarsk wedge formation and broke their principes maniples.  Krasnoyarsk Legate Oleg Petrovich spoke to media after the match, congratulating his opposite number.  "I am honoured to have come up against such a skilled group of fighters and to be represented by them on Mars.  We fought to the best of our ability and they have simply bettered us.  I congratulate Legate Barros and wish him well in the Interplanetary.  I am sure he will make Earth proud."  For his part, Legate Barros wanted the world to know that the victory was not his alone.  "Many good fighters of Sao Paulo displayed great skill, drive, and heart on the field in this contest," he said before clasping arms with Petrovich.

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