Frozen Body Found on Pluto

Hrungnir, Pluto, Kuiper-Oort Authority -- 19 Mar. 2057:  Death has touched the frozen surface of Pluto.  The KOA Department of Public Safety has confirmed that the body of Nachius Vilsen Freisenborg has been found approximately 10 kilometers outside of the Hrungnir township centre.  Mr. Freisenborg, a hydrogen ice miner and resident of Hrungnir for 3 years, was 12 person-years of age.

According to a partial imprint of Special Constable Hass Eisbrucher which has been transmitted to Mars, Mr. Freisenborg froze to death after his envirosuit power supply was exhausted.  "We do not know why Mr. Freisenborg left the quonsets," stated the partial at a press conference today, "seemingly alone and without telling anyone, nor why he went so far away or stayed out so long.  Investigations are ongoing."  When asked, Special Constable Eisbrucher's partial would not rule out foul play.  "It would be a hell of a thing," zie said philosophically, "a hell of a thing.  Miners are practically family.  But they say nobody fights like family.  Whatever the case, the department has made this investigation our top priority."

This is the first recorded death on Pluto, and if it is proved to be murder, would be the first murder to occur in the KOA, the youngest Administrative Region in the Alliance.  Many are watching how the Regional Government, which has been accredited only since June of 2050 -- in Plutonian terms, barely a fraction of a year -- handles the situation.  To date only 9 deaths are known to have occurred in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud, most recently the death of an extreme long-range cargo hauler in an explosive decompression caused by an incorrectly sealed airlock in December of 2055.

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