Primal Advocacy Group Condemns Killington Report

Metatron, Hypatia, Venus -- 10 Mar. 2057:  PrePosthumanity, a group which advocates for the rights of non-modified and disabled humans, has issued a press release slamming the Interplanetary Psychiatric Association's recent report, Too Much Information: The Rising Social Cost of Analysis Paralysis.

"What this supposedly expert panel of psychiatrists conveniently fails to mention," according to the release, "is that over 70% of cases of analysis paralysis are concentrated among the ranks of the 'pre-posthuman': Primals, as well as neurally unmodified Neanderthals and Uplifts.  By perpetuating the socially convenient fiction that 'every person is equal' under the Armstrong Convention, the IPA is enabling the ingrained neurotype discrimination which systematically disenfranchises those with unmodified neurology."

"Primals and others with no neurological enhancement are concentrated among the lower socioeconomic classes, while hypercorticals, alienates and synthetics are disproportionately capable of economic mobility in the hyperlayered world.  Primals living in poverty cannot afford the neural overlays which could help them deal with problems like Analysis Paralysis, and the other disabilities attendant on being unable to access the hyperlayer at the speed of thought or juggle three or four streams of consciousness at once.  Over 60% of Primals cannot afford to make an imprint to run their digital phenotype, and must make do with dumb off-the-rack operating systems.  Over 90% of Primals who have children cannot afford even a basic Simplex neuromodification for their offspring, let alone a full genetic redaction or hypercortex gene.  Thus, Primal humanity is being inexorably ghettoized into a permanent economic underclass.  Yet our government does nothing, repeating the smug mantra that all people are free to succeed or fail on their own merits!  When will it finally be recognized that inequality of opportunity is tantamount to a neurotype caste system?"

We contacted the author of the report, Dr. Blandford Killington of the Gesightner Clinic for Research on Digital Hygiene, who emailed us the following response:

"It is true that virtual consciousnesses, hypercorticals and other with extensive neuromodifications are considerably less prone to develop Analysis Paralysis.  From our perspective, this is so obvious as to require little elaboration.  At the Gesightner Clinic, our focus is less on the social and political ramifications of neuromodification than it is on effective treatment of network-related psychiatric issues.  We do not tend to recommend extensive neuromodification as a treatment for Analysis Paralysis; augmentations such as a memoreader or multistreamer may be able to help prevent the problem from developing by allowing individuals to more efficiently integrate new information into consciousness, but are likely to make the problem worse in someone who is already suffering the symptoms.  We prefer tried and proven methods such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and prescription entheogens.  It is important to understand that Analysis Paralysis is not by any means confined to unmodified Primals; it is found among every species, every neurotype, every culture and social class.  It is a disorder of temperament and behaviour, not neurochemistry."

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