Theocracy Attempts to Curtail Transsexuals

Zion, Theocratic Republic of Jesus Mohammed, Earth -- 1 Mar. 2057:  In a move that sex-freedom advocates are calling an 'abomination', the Synod of Theocratic Elders today signed into state law a proclamation allowing employers in the state to fire, or refuse to hire, any employee who has chosen to undergo sex-reassignment therapy and alter their biological sextype.  The Synod passed the measure in a unanimous vote.

Under the conscience clause of the Stellar Constitution, the Theocracy has chosen to pass separate laws applying only to citizens practicing the dominant religion from those which are generally applicable.  Theoretically, this law is among those which would apply only to those who have chosen to accept the tenets of Unorthodox Eschatological Chrislamity, and is thus not in violation of the General Constitution Accord.  Some observers, however, are not so sure.

"People around here just assume that everyone else is a Chrislemite, and a lot of people don't even know that there are laws that don't apply to non-Chrislemites," explained Hitch Dawkins Carpenter, a spokesperson for the Catholic Atheist Coven.  "And if an employer tried to fire someone for transitioning and was informed that this law does not allow them to do it, would they even care?  Taking them to court is cold comfort to someone who has lost their livelihood.

"This whole matter of 'conscience laws' is bogus from the word go.  I can't count the number of times I've run afoul of laws that aren't even supposed to apply to me. They say, 'if you don't like it go start an Atheist colony and you can have any laws you want.'  They don't even recognize how bizarre it is to have different civil rights for different religions."

The offense is not limited to wrongfully terminated non-Chrislemites, according to Manion Herzengeissel, the press agent for the Zion branch of the Sex and Gender Equity League.  "I refuse to accept that Chrislamity has no place for people of all sextypes and gender presentations," zie broadcasts in a series of tweets.  "According to the Synod, it is only acceptable in the eyes of God to be a cisgendered, hypergendered android or gynoid heterosexual human... I believe God created each one of us and loves each one of us equally!  When will this campaign of harassment end?"  Herzengeissel was speaking from a rally against the proclamation in Humility Square, at which effigies of the Synod were symbolically castrated and mastected.  The rally was condemned by the Synod public relations office as a 'barbaric and tawdry display' by 'deviant malcontents'.

In an audio interview after the rally, Herzengeissel stated that "the Synod doesn't even know what it just proclaimed.  They're so holy that they can't even let themselves think about it; they all have brain censors installed that keep their consciousness from even registering things that go against their interpretation of the Bible Koran, including anyone who doesn't fit this narrow twencen gender box.  They have assistants to deal with it, and these petty bureaucrats just put laws in front of the Synod and they sign it on principle.  Our government has gone insane."

According to Pruvic Jesus Mohammed Noonian, a spokesman for the Synod (ed. -- please note that Mr. Noonian insisted on being described as a 'spokesman' before he would reply to our questions), this is precisely the reason that the law is necessary.  "Good Chrislemites can't stay right with Jesus Mohammed if they are being exposed to such depravity," he stated in an e-mail.  "It must be driven from the sight of their eyes, back into the dens of iniquity where it festers.  These days, a man can just drive a few hours, to the god-forsaken heathen lands, and come back a supposed 'woman' -- or worse, some kind of no-sex in-between mockery of nature!  What good Chrislemite, what kind of moral human being, would have dealings with such a creature, would tolerate even the possibility that their impressionable children could be exposed to one?  If we can't drive them from the face of the earth, at the very least we can keep them sequestered where they belong.  Your so-called 'constitution' allows us that much liberty at least, and we'll all be Damned if we forsake it!"

The Theocracy is the only remaining state in the Alliance which bans marriage between persons of the same sextype, marriage between more than two persons, interspecies marriage, marriage between biological and nonbiological persons, human cloning, and communism -- for Orthodox Eschatological Chrislemites, at least.  The state has the lowest rate of participation in employed work by any demographic group other than hypermasculine android humans.  The Theocracy's representative in the Stellar Parliament, Vandross Jesus Mohammed Mohammed, is the sole elected member of the Jesus Mohammed Party; he frequently introduces legislation in the Trapezoid which garners no support whatsoever, most recently including a proposal to re-classify biological offspring from quasi-persons to chattels.  Mr. Mohammed did not respond to requests for an interview.

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