Unimedia-Crossmedia Scrape Fight Goes Legal

Enchiridion, Trojans Administrative District, Jupiter Space -- 13 Mar. 2057:  A very public and high-profile dispute over alleged Curator's Code violations between two of the system's largest link-farming operations is going to the courts.  Unimedia Information Curators today filed suit against Futuristical Crossmedia for willful and consistent failure of proper tilding and twibbling.  The plaintiff is seeking damages of 200 microcredits for lost traffic and followers.

Since January of this year, Unimedia commentators have been posting blogs and comments accusing Crossmedia curators of scraping links from Unimedia aggregators and reposting them without source attribution.  Unimedia claims ability to substantiate the charges using the logs of in-house traffic measuring tools, and has repeatedly threatened legal action.  Crossmedia management has officially made no replies to date beyond denying the allegations.

Full disclosure: this newsfeed is a subsidiary of Futuristical Crossmedia operated under the aegis of the Bureau of Temporal Relations.  We are not among the parties named in the suit.

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