Ion Storm Disrupts Communications, Traffic

Helios, Near Solar Observatory Zone -- 6 Mar. 2057:  The Interplanetary Astronomical Service is issuing a severe storm warning due to solar flare and coronal mass activity observed by the Solar Monitoring Station on Helios.  According to an IAS press release, "A Carrington-level event is predicted with 73.4% certainty."

IAS is advising all citizens, businesses, communes, and government services to take immediate preventative action.  "Please ensure that for 72 hours from the receipt of this message, electronic devices are where possible ordered into EMP-hardened operations mode or cloistered inside Faraday cages.  All forms of powered transport which rely on electronic-aided guidance or propulsion should be avoided.  Any activities outside the home or suitably hardened buildings which are not absolutely necessary should be cancelled."

The last Carrington-level ion storm, which occurred in 2017, resulted in a devastating loss of communications, power grids and other electronics over most of Earth and Low-Earth Orbit.  Over 12000 human lives were lost as a result of the disruption, and property damage is estimated to have been in the hundreds of credits.

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