I-15 Disaster Attributed to Mechanical Failure

Ceres, Federation of Asteroidal Polities -- 15 Mar. 2057:  Information released by the FAP Department of Public Safety indicates that last month's deadly I-95 traffic pileup was caused by a malfunctioning ion engine.  The helium3 tanker which lost control, ramming into a convoy of small passenger craft en route to Jupiter space, was reportedly driven by four Dynamnex heavy pulsed induction thrusters.  During a minor corrective burn, a fault in the electrical grid caused the engine to fire at full power and the tanker to veer into the oncoming spacelane.  The pilot, Vespasian DeGeer of Swedenborg, was killed when a one-person shuttle crashed directly into the control cabin of the tanker.

13 Are now confirmed dead in the crash, and a further 8 individuals have committed suicide after their craft were thrown on to unrecoverable vectors; another 22 remain comatose in Mercy Hope Hospital, their survival uncertain.  17 of the victims are survived by data ghosts.  Among those killed was noted author Framlix Tibulon.  A class-action lawsuit for victims of the crash has been filed in State Civil Court against Omnicor Hypercorp LLC., the owners of the malfunctioning transport, by the legal firm of Blarntzen Stacklove & Root Pi.  Repeated inquiries to Omnicor's press department have received no response.

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