Saturnine Confederacy Backs Down on Probe Case

New New Orleans, Titan, Saturnine Confederacy -- 13 May 2057:  Flaring tensions with Baikonur have calmed this day as Gargus Abix Tessera has been formally released to the custody of the Stellar Alliance judicial system.  Agents of the Department of Public Safety have also taken possession of the remaining fragments of the interstellar probe at the centre of the controversy, though some pieces are believed to be unaccounted for.  After the probe crashed on Mx. Tessera's property, zie then auctioned the pieces separately to a number of bidders, an act which is alleged to have been in contravention of Stellar law.  The Confederate Authority disagrees, asserting that Confederate salvage law in this case supersedes the property claim of the Interplanetary Astronomical Society, and have done everything within their legal power to halt the extradition of Mx. Tessera to Luna for trial.  However, yesterday's 3-2 ruling by the Superior Constitutional Court finding that the Alliance has the right to bring the charges, carry out the warrant, and name their venue of choice in such a case left the Confederacy with only two choices: concede, or stand in flagrant defiance of the authority of the Stellar Alliance.  Mx. Tessera and the probe fragments are scheduled to board an x-boat bound for the inner system within the week.

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