Police Break Implant-Hacking Ring

Nerine, Lowell, Mars -- 9 May 2057:  Taken into custody this day were several people alleged to be the primary movers in a cell of the notorious Sons of Ares, the Martian nationalist organization which controls organized crime on the red planet.  According to a press release published by the Nerine Police Department, charges of Conspiracy in the crimes of Cyber-Assault, Extortion, and Digital Trespassing have been filed against Morrigan Beria, Anand Jasaswarmy, Guld Quilling, Tetrahedral Cosine, and Dorrie Poog.

"It was a classic body-hacking scam," stated Lt. Bors McNaughton in a press conference early this day.  "They would identify vulnerable people with money or power, and get into their implant security and install a rootkit -- in the artificial heart or the brain chemistry regulator or what-have-you.  Then they would threaten the person to turn their implant against them.  Not exactly high-level stuff, but they got away with it for far too long. In the end, though, all it took was for one person brave enough to stand up to these thugs to come in."  Lt. McNaughton is confident that the arrest of this cell opens the possibility of a major police action against the Sons of Ares organization.

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