First Data-Ghost Deferment Archive Activated

New Alexandria Dome, Colonial Lunar Administration Zone -- 6 May 2057:  This year's Project Eyeblink Anniversary was conducted with considerable additional pomp and circumstance.  In addition to the engraving and secure storage of fresh 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000-year archives, this May 6th marked the 25-year anniversary of the controversial undertaking.  In a lengthy televised ceremony attended by a number of celebrities and dignitaries including several sitting Senators and Electors as well as the President of CLAZ-Darkside, the very first 25-year archive was removed from its protective evacuated chamber and its contents copied into the hyperlayer and run.  As hoped, the disc was undamaged and the 35 data ghosts recorded on it all compiled without difficulty.  The virtual consciousnesses, which include such luminaries as engineering genius Vitaly Byalikov, poet Nathan Anton, Armstrong Convention lead negotiator Meredith Alvore, and Project Eyeblink's founder Dr. Helen Bethany Hope, were all able to easily pass the Deckard-Bowman.  After the declaration of success, a series of speeches by the resurrectees, and performances by award-winning artists including Venusian hypercellist Katan Anaxius and low-grav dance troupe the Birds of Paradise, a partial of Chancellor Galorvian made brief remarks, referring to the freshly reactivated imprints as "courageous pioneers" and "swimmers against the flow of time".  The event was marred only by the appearance of a public protestor, who interrupted the keynote speech by Dr. Hope by activating a holodisplay reading "KEEP THE SUICIDES IN THE GROUND" while screaming "People who desert the world don't deserve a second chance!  Don't close your eyes to suicide; live now!"  However, the troublemaker was soon ejected by security.

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