Sabotage Disrupts Crossmedia Operations

Enchiridion, Trojans Administrative District, Jupiter Space -- 12 May 2057:  A datafiber disassembler release this day in the server room of the Futuristical Crossmedia Collective has left the business in ruins and its shareworkers without income for the foreseeable future.  It has also led to the permanent  deletion of Crossmedia security administrator Degenerate Sinusoid, whose primary consciousness emulation was running on a dedicated computer in the same room.  The collective has temporarily ceased operations until funds can be secured to replace the server.

"Crossmedia is down but not out," stated A visibly shaken Vander van Zander Zalm, a Crossmedia spokesperson, in a publicly broadcast statement.  "We will not let those responsible for this tragic and vicious attack, I'm looking at you Omnicor Hypercorp, off the hook.  I am not going to hesitate to lay down my own life to tell the stories of those who have lost theirs at the behest of a monstrous, amoral organization.  The plurality has come to a consensus on this, and all Crossmedia shareworkers who are not willing to take the same risk have divested themselves and gone on to seek other employment.  We will from this point on dedicate our every working moment to bringing the stories we hold to the attention of the public."

The TAD Department of Public Safety has ruled the incident an act of sabotage.  Officials from the Department did not respond to inquiries.

Full disclosure: this newsfeed, previously a subsidiary of Futuristical Crossmedia, has been temporarily leased to Unimedia Information Curators while remaining under the aegis of the Bureau of Temporal Relations.  Communications with our seperate, highly secure server within the Bureau datafarm were briefly disrupted by the incident.

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