May Day General Strike Largest Yet

La Paz, Amazonia, Earth -- 1 May 2057:  This year's May Day parade in La Paz, believed to be the largest in living memory, serves as a symbol of the growing popularity of the annual May Day General Strike.  According to a random system-wide telepathic survey conducted by the Department of Labour and Productivity, about 17% of the 'working' population -- all people who would otherwise have been engaged in scheduled productive activities this day -- took an unscheduled and unapproved My Day holiday, with another 32% choosing to designate it as one of their four mandatory annual Conscientious Observance dates or otherwise book time off.  Of these people, 26% stated that they did so specifically to participate in political demonstrations, 45% in solidarity with the general strike, and 12% due to expectations that workplace productivity would be impaired.  Of those choosing to remain at work today, 57% did so primarily out of concern for job security, lost wages or earnings, or their standing among colleagues or customers, while 79% explicitly stated that they did not support the general strike.  Both the proportion of workers choosing not to come in on May Day and the number of those who did so specifically for political reasons have increased steadily over the past several years.

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