Hypercortical Group Added to DeathWatch Hate List

Heliogabalus, Inamorata, Venus -- 20 May 2057:  The influential social justice organization DeathWatch has this day updated its "Hate List" -- its ranking of groups which, in the words of the organization's charter, "directly promote the genocidal elimination of any identifiable group of people or the restriction of personhood rights, or spread slanderous propaganda about any identifiable group of people designed to incite violent hatred."  Of the often banal but rarely uninteresting inside hockey of hate politics, one item stands out: the inclusion in 219th place of Evolve: Humanity, the first explicitly pro-Hypercortical group to yet make the Hate List.  According to Mechalus Nalren, a DeathWatch spokesperson, the addition was prompted specifically by the publication on their hyperlayer page of a document titled "Manual of Positive Eugenics".  The tract, among other offences, advocates severe restriction of the reproductive rights guaranteed in the Constitution Accord.

"I'll quote here from the so-called manual produced by Evolve: Humanity," Mre. Nalren told us in an audio interview:  "'All biologicals should be required to have hypercortex gene sequences inserted into their germline or face mandatory sterilization.  All unplanned pregnancies and all pregnancies or vat-births not resulting in a child with a functional hypercortex should be aborted.  Biologicals registering under 125 on the Deckard-Bowman examinations should be restricted to reproducing one child per 50 population; those scoring under 100, one child per 500 population; and those scoring under 75, one child per 5000 population.  Any person whose germline produces a fetus with an F-grade Neurological Typification Class should be summarily sterilized.'  They're not up there with major players like Humans For Humanity or God Given Gender, but they've crossed the line here from just claiming Hypers to be a 'superior race' to actively advocating the elimination of all non-Hypercortical neurotypes from the population, which is unconstitutional and unacceptable."

Reaction to this step from the neurodiversity movement has been swift: the Interplanetary Neurodiversities Federated Organization issued a press release which stated that "the inclusion of Evolve: Humanity on the Hate List has been a long time coming and is a welcome step in the journey toward true neurodiversity"; the Hypercortical rights advocacy group HyperActive, for its part, attempted to distance itself from Evolve: Humanity with a dense statement cautioning that "Evolve: Humanity is not in any way affiliated or associated with HyperActive, and their goals are not ours," and stating outright that "HyperActive is pro-Hypercortical, not anti-any other neurotype.  We support neurodiversity as both a concept and a practice."  The title of the statement from Primal-human rights group PrePosthuman says it all:  "Evolve: Humanity is an Endangered Species".

Evolve: Humanity, for their part, contented themselves with a single tweet in defiance of the media storm.  "In the time it would take you to understand why it is ridiculous to label us a hate group," said communications director Amarinth Tefloricate Reum, "I could compose a symphony.  Hypers are simply superior to baselines.  This is not 'slanderous propaganda'; it is merely a statement of established fact."

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