Fiber Trunk Failure Causes Civic Emergency

Fayetteville, Heartland, Earth -- 3 May 2057:  A breakdown in the city's long-neglected legacy communications infrastructure has led to a near-standstill in commerce and public services today.  Attempts to diagnose the exact location and nature of the malfunction from the Department of Infrastructure's hyperlayer nodes have failed completely.  Construction crews are tearing up ground-level roadways throughout the city in an attempt to expose the old switching stations and determine the cause of the problem.

"All of our fiber was laid by the old Google programs," explained Senior Maintenance Technician Marty Cox in an audio interview.  "After it reverted to city ownership it was mismanaged terribly.  We just built up over it and added branches on when we needed new capacity.  The city has refused to take responsibility to maintain or replace the backbone of our hyperlayer; they just kept trying to shove it on up the chain, and that's how you get a situation like this."

Ms. Cox had no estimate as to how long it might take to restore primary hyperlayer function.  If we don't find the issue soon, we're gonna have to start ripping up people's floors.  In the meanwhile, we're just gonna have to get by on wireless mesh and..."  Communication was cut off before we could finish the interview.

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