Cyber-Fashion Week Kicks Off

Arial, Hypatia, Venus -- 4 May 2057:  Retro-techno and sauroid are officially in this year; blobjects, sleekskins, and chromatophores are out.  The major Venusian augment-design houses held their first runway shows of the season this day, showcasing their new haute-couture collections for the fashion-conscious transhuman.

Anders Flanders' new line, I'Borg, was all about 1980's throwback clunky chrome, exposed scaffolds, and red glowing eyepieces.  The signature piece featured a near-cliche half-skull plating with a matching forearm assembly and chestplate.  In the same vein, Skye Winthrop reached even further back into the benighted past with Chemie Magnetique, a series of full-body transforms based on retro 'humanoid-robot' designs, skinning all genders toward neutrois in pastel plastic or airbrushed steel.  The style flirts with danger from the augment-rights set, who detest any reference to pre-Softwars popular culture imagery, but may well catch the imagination of those pining for a simpler past.

Dashill Psytek's  moved in the opposite direction, bringing reptile-skin and chitin spines back with a vengeance in their Evolvore line.  A number of the smaller houses are expected to follow suit, so look forward to plenty of scaled, spiky beauties among the glitterati this season.  Finally, avant-garde champions New Future Human went full-on cthulhoid, introducing a grotesque line called Dagon Rising featuring pulsating orifices, writhing tentacles, and functional eyes where no eyes should be.  Well, there's no accounting for taste, I suppose.

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