Spacers-Only Immigration Law Struck Down

Naylor Station, Low Mars Orbit -- 13 Apr. 2057:  The Regional Civil Court has ruled in the case of Colby v. Naylor Station, finding for the plaintiff and nullifying the section of the station's local ordnance which limits biological immigration to members of the subspecies Homo Sapiens Orbital.  The court has instructed the Naylor Board of Directors to implement new station settlement guidelines which forbid discrimination in residence permits based on the genotype of the applicant.

The Board is reportedly upset and confused with the ruling, and plans to appeal to the Superior Civil Court.  In an audio interview, Director Madius Pelney called the decision "incomprehensible", stating that "Naylor Station was founded by Spacers.  It was built by Spacers, for Spacers.  Every facility in every part of the station is designed with Spacers in mind.  We don't even supply centrifugal rotation here!  I don't see why a Grounder would even want to move here; they're at an extreme disability -- just like we are in their habs!  They have all the planets in goddamn system and half the stations beside; why the hell do they have to come here and take our station too?  It's ridiculous!"

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