Omnicor Attempts Crossmedia Hostile Takeover

Enchiridion, Trojans Administrative District, Jupiter Space -- 9 Apr. 2057:  An injunction was issued this day against Omnicor Hypercorp LLC. by the 3rd Circuit Economic Tribunal after evidence of an attempted hostile takeover of Futuristical Crossmedia.  A number of Omnicor-held blind proxies have been attempting a creeping tender over the past 2 weeks.  Counterweight traders from the Bureau of Market Stabilization have been dispatched to buy and hold Crossmedia stock until the situation has been resolved.

According to Crossmedia spokesperson Vander van Zander Zalm, the attempted buyout is a gambit on the part of Omnicor to silence criticisms published on Crossmedia's blogs and newsfeeds.  "Ever since we told the Labour side of the L5 strike story, they've been on our asses.  First spurious legal threats, now economic attacks?  What next, Omnicor?  They'll do practically anything to stifle our journalistic integrity.  Well, I say bring it on!"

Full disclosure: this newsfeed is a subsidiary of Futuristical Crossmedia operated under the aegis of the Bureau of Temporal Relations.  We are not among the parties mentioned in the injunction.

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