Bugs Force Telepathy Exchange Shutdown

Dynaeris, Phobos, Mars Space -- 20 Apr. 2057:  A persistent problem with missed, dropped, and incorrectly routed connections has forced Phobos Telephone & Telepathic to temporarily suspend all direct brain-to-brain communication services.  A notice from the utility to subscribers promised that the problems would be fixed, and services restored, within a few days.  In the mean time, Phobians are left with audio, videophone, telepresence, text messaging, email, social network feeds, written mail delivery, and in-person conversations as their sole means of communication.

The difficulties with telepathic interference on Phobos have already caused a number of unfortunate incidents ranging from annoyances to life-threatening situations, including the following:

  • Attempting to  "send my lover a little pick-me-up" in the middle of a busy work day, one customer delivered thoughts of an erotic nature to his partner's direct superior.  The intended recipient of the telepathic sext was subsequently fired due to the "unwelcome and sexually harassing" communication, though intervention by PT&T representatives has caused the company to reconsider.
  • The sole observer of a hovercar accident on the outskirts of Dynaeris attempted repeatedly to summon paramedics using PT&T ThoughtLink emergency response services.  Though e was assured by the software that help was on the way, this was an automated server response; it was not until the situation grew dire that the good samaritan used alternate means to re-iterate eir requests for help.  Thankfully, nobody was killed, although several of the injured participants are still in recovery.
  • When a hungry Dynaeris resident's thoughts about food inadvertently activated her telepathic interface, she received 47 pizza deliveries ordered telepathically from restaurants as far away as Alderious.  PT&T has agreed to pick up the tab.
Though PT&T's quick action to correct the results of these errors and general reputation for high-quality telepathic communication protocols has so far protected it from legal repercussions, the expense of the downtime and the required public-relations campaign combined with the threat of potential litigation has severely damaged the company's brand.  As a public utility operated by the Phobos district government, PT&T is of course not answerable to any shareholders, but an anonymous source in the Phobos Department of Utilities is predicting hard questions and a possible change in company leadership come the next district budget.

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