Crossmedia Server Outage Damages Business

Enchiridion, Trojans Administrative District, Jupiter Space -- 27 Apr. 2057:  The central servers of the Futuristical Crossmedia Collective crashed this day and remained down for several hours.  Crossmedia security administrator Degenerate Sinusoid, who runs its primary consciousness emulation on a separate dedicated server, was involuntarily suspended for only a few minutes and has been fully recompiled.  During efforts to reboot the server, Vr. Sinusoid found traces of malware uploaded during last week's cyber-attack on the server.  "The attack itself was perhaps a distraction from the malware installation," Vr. Sinusoid relied to our inquiries by text messge.  "It was deliberately clumsy and destructive, to divert attention from the extremely subtle and skillful nature of the true attack.  I regret that I have failed to protect the Collective from this breack of security.  Almost all of our data archive has been deleted."

Crossmedia spokesperson Vander van Zander Zalm issued a broadcast public statement openly accusing employees of Omnicor Hypercorp LLC. of the sabotage.  "I find it more than a little suspicious," stated Mre. van Zander Zalm, "that this happens just as we are preparing a major expose on Omnicor's dirty dealings and backdoor shenanigans which was to be released today.  We are going to need to postpone our report while we rebuild the data archive and get our finances back in order.  But make no mistake!  We are fully prepared to fight this corrupt corporation and expose its crimes and lies, and this disgusting incident is just one more piece of shit thrown on the heap!"

In response to the statement, Omnicor legal staff have filed a defamation lawsuit in TAD Regional Civil Court.

Full disclosure: this newsfeed is a subsidiary of Futuristical Crossmedia operated under the aegis of the Bureau of Temporal Relations.  Our service is operated from a seperate, highly secure server within the Bureau datafarm, which was not in any way affected by the outage, and we are not among the parties named in the lawsuit.

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