Pluto Death Ruled Suicide

Hrungnir, Pluto, Kuiper-Oort Authority -- 4 Apr. 2057:  The Department of Public Safety has issued a ruling of suicide in the death of Nachius Vilsen Freisienborg, a hydrogen ice miner found frozen outside Hrungnir two weeks ago.

A partial imprint of Special Constable Hass Eisbrucher held a press conference on Mars early this day.  "Our investigation revealed that Mr. Freisenborg had amassed considerable gambling debts in the months leading up to his death, and was facing possible corporate indenture when those debts came due," the partial stated.  "His friends have stated that he was becoming withdrawn and morose.  It is our judgement that Mr. Freisenborg allowed himself to freeze to death rather than lose his freedom."

Anti-indenture activist group Debtslave has issued a statement condemning the practice in the wake of the announcement, listing the suicide of Mr. Freisenborg as one of 15 this year related to the practice of indentured labour.  Mutual Providers of Barsoom, the company which held the right to Mr. Freisenborg's debt, has not responded to requests for comment.

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