Neurodiversity Organization Ejects Psychopaths

Wells, Barsoom, Mars -- 28 Apr. 2057:  The Interplanetary Neurodiversities Federated Organization has issued a press briefing this day completely disavowing association with the organization PsychOut, an advocacy group dedicated to advancing the position and profile of psychopaths.  The press release states that the members of PsychOut "have proved themselves to be congenitally incapable of the basic degree of cooperativeness, forethought, and mutual respect required for INFO membership.  While we of course believe that a truly neurodiverse society includes all neurotypes, empathize with the problems endemic to life in our society for the thousands of people with psychopathic brains, and desire to help society accommodate itself to them and they to accommodate themselves to society, this particular group has failed to act in the interests of its putative members or to fulfill the obligations it voluntarily took on as part of its affiliation with INFO.  We look forward to applications from psychopath advocacy groups of interplanetary scope which wish to work with INFO in mutually advancing the equality of all neurotypes and helping society to achieve true neurodiversity."

INFO's mission is to facilitate coordination and mutual support between interplanetary umbrella organizations which promote the cause of equality between a wide variety of neurotypes, including advocacy groups for schizophrenia, bipolarity and unipolarity, the autistic-dyslexic spectrum, multiple personality integration, developmental retardation, and brain injury sufferers, as well as primals, hypercorticals, deliberate alienates and uplifts.  According to Natric Felsen, an observer of social-justice politics, the break has been a long time coming.  "The INFO board has repeatedly attempted to internally discipline representatives of PsychOut for consistent failures to pull their fair share of organizational duties, manipulative and narcissistic patterns of behaviour, and for callous and remorseless disregard for the well-being of fellow member organizations on both a political and a personal level," Mx. Felsen wrote on zir blog Circular Firing Squad.  The breaking point was apparently reached, according to sources within the INFO organizational structure, during the recent INFO annual conference in Wells.  One unnamed delegate from PsychOut reportedly assaulted a prostitute in their hotel room; another repeatedly interrupted scheduled speeches -- including the keynote speech by Dr. Pemalthius Blegenblan, a widely respected neuropsychologist and the author of Sapiences: Neurodiversity, Democracy, and Ethics -- with rambling and abusive diatribes.  "Both were ejected from the conference," writes Mx. Felsen, "but the fact that they were actively nominated by PsychOut to attend the politically high-profile event was the last straw in a string of incidents of frankly insulting disregard for INFO's mission and for the dedicated people who carry it out."

There has been no lack of response from PsychOut itself, which has issued no less than three 'official' press releases, each from different people claiming to speak for the organization.  One, authored by Janda Kaniliski, outright denies the "numerous lies and slanders being spread in the psychopath-hating popular press" about the actions of PsychOut representatives and expresses "shock, intense hurt and betrayal" at INFO's actions in disavowing the organization.  Another, attributed to Danron K. Wightley, describes INFO as a "corrupt hive of sycophantic simplex-worshipping toadies wallowing in the semen of stellar politics under the pornographic media's loving gaze" and asserts that "PsychOut will be better off without the 'help' of such a shameful travesty".  And the third, which was issued without a name attached, takes INFO to task for "expecting psychopaths to be anything other than what we intrinsically are: impulsive, shallow, narcissistic, and manipulative.  Apparently the Neurodiversities Federation is only committed to a neurodiversity in which psychopaths all agree to not be psychopathic.  It's the best joke I've heard in years."

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