Atlantis Raises Shipping Tariffs

Atlantis, Atlantica, Earth -- 16 Apr. 2057:  In a move which is causing vehement protest among the business community, the Atlantis state government has issued a 5% hike in both ocean surface and sub-surface tonnage tariffs.  A press release issued by the state Directorate cites the new mandatory tax policy as its primary reason.  Other voices, however, have connected the fee hike to the increased traffic on the Atlantis beanstalk since the devastating terrorist attack which has nearly halted space-elevator shipments to and from Kisangani.

"It's sheer price gouging and rank opportunism of the most disgusting kind," stated Gek Almartion of the Terran Chamber of Commerce.  "They can't raise loading prices for the beanstalk since those are set by the regional Concilium, so they jack up the rates to ship to and from.  To try and profit off the deaths of all those poor people in such a crass and blatant way -- those goddamn fish-heads ought to be ashamed of themselves."  The Chamber of Commerce has filed suit against the State of Atlantis in Regional Civil Court in an attempt to get the increase declared illegal market interference.

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