Boeing Releases New Space Yachts

Sector Rho, Ring One, Low Earth Orbit -- 5 Apr. 2057:  The newest lineup of luxury pleasure craft being offered by Federated Boeing was revealed today among much pomp and circumstance.  The highlight of the show was the Boeing Cabana, the smallest and least expensive model of civilian space craft yet offered by Boeing.  At a mere 7 credits, the Cabana is being released with the growing ranks of the lower-level hyperrich in mind.

"We're appealing to people who are looking for a status symbol but have not to date been able to break into the luxury yacht market," stated Boeing marketing representative Kin Pilliamson II.  "There are a growing number of consumers who have to date had to settle for a sport rocket or a more utilitarian space craft as a way of travelling in style.  We aim to change that with the Cabana, which includes such amenities as genuine leather seats, in-cockpit minibar, and beautifully appointed 360-cubic-meter private quarters, as well as the benefit of Boeing engineering and cutting-edge automatic piloting systems which are fully compatible with a sapient virtual chauffeur."

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